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TotalCyclist: "Making life better through exceptional cycling experiences".

We are the premiere multi-sport training facility in the Southeast US. We offer a variety of services that will make you a better, faster and smarter endurance athlete. We have 3 Indoor Training facilities that offer a variety of services. Indoor Cycling with the powerful PerfPro Software. Private Coaching. Women's only cycling camps (DivaCamps). Nutrition, informational podcasts and "Summits". The mantra at TotalCyclist is to assess, prepare, implement and succeed. This 4 step process, regardless of your sport, will help you become the TotalCyclist or, what we like to call, the Complete athlete. We KNOW how to coach. Whether its in one of our Training Centers, at DivaCamp or one on one rides/personal training sessions. Let us help YOU become the TotalCyclist and make your life BETTER through cycling.

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    "Chad, I've had coaches before and I would be lying if I said that they were not good. But I always missed something... With you and TotalCyclist I got that something I was missing. That is a great coach and friend and group of people, who are like a family once I enter the doors of TotalCyclist!!!

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    DivaCamp: "Best cycling experience ever. I achieved more than I thought would have been possible....u guys rock!!!"
    — Barbara G.
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    "Leadville! We did it. I want to thank TotalCyclist for all of the hard work preparing me for this epic race. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and will always treasure the result."
    — CHAD H.
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    ""My experience with TotalCyclist goes far beyond successful, Chad and TotalCyclist are World Class. Although Chad discovered my natural affinity for the time trial during power testing prior to my initial pro season, Chad and I had only maintained a friendship throughout my eight-year career as a professional cyclist. Chad needed to handle all of this. I had no doubt that he could, based on what I had seen from Chad over the years. I then won masters WORLD Championship! "
  • "Chad/TotalCyclist, I wanted to write to express my gratitude for being such an amazing coach! When I first signed up with you, you told me you would not just make me faster, but that you’d also be a life-coach.You/TotalCyclist were able to incorporate all parts of my life into effective training and turned me into an elite racer!"