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Tune up Tuesday: It's all about percentages :) June 21, 2016

Yeah yeah! It's Cookie ride time. You are training long hours. Getting ready for that big event. Gunning for that PR?! Awesome! But sometimes it's best to think percentages of finishers.


Limited time to train? We have you covered!


Winter Short Track: Race Results and Series Recap

Five races down and 6 weekends later, the Winter Short track series has come to an end but not without some awesome results! Through rain, snow and sunshine our athletes did some serious work at Renaissance Park! 

While the TotalCyclist Mountain Bike team was down to only four riders this weekend, we still had a strong showing by all of our athletes at the final race of the series. It was a perfect sunny day with slight breeze.

Expert Men:
#4 Chris Wieczorek

Sport Men 19-39
#6 Gordon White

Sport Men 40+
#2 Terry Slifer
#4 Chad Andrews 

Beginner Men:
#1 Jack Sullivan

Expert Women:
#2 Bonnie Kleffman

Sport Women: 
#1 Sam Bendt
#3 Ann Groninger
#6 April Wells
#8 Stephanie Bush

Beginner Women:
#8 Danielle Suprick

Now for the OVERALL Results from the entire series:

The TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Team had a strong showing  the entire series but came in 2nd overall with 1622 points, just 27 points behind the Giordana Cycling team. We are definitely proud of the team! 

Individual Overall Standings:
Pro riders for TotalCyclist MTB team, Chris Wieczorek and Bonnie Kleffman both stole the top seeds for the Expert class! Way to go TeamJJF! Laura Maddy and Jana morries also took top 10 standings for the Expert Women! 


Our Clients Joe Hathcock and Jamie Turski (TotalCyclistMTB team) both took top 15 seeds for the Super Sport men.


The Sport Men 40+ Group had a stropng showing by all of our clients! We had 4 riders, 3 on the TotalCyclist MTB team, take top 10 seeds! 

#2, Kelly Hudson // #3 Terry Slifer // #9 Chad Andrews //#10 Chad Hollingsworth 
Other Clients in the overall standings: Julius Ulanday, Brian Hester, Jim Heckman, Terry Gleason, Ricky Priory, and Phillip Craver. 

Josh Strang came in 12th overall for the Sport 19-39 class after only racing once! 

Two of our own, Jack Sullivan (#1) and Pat McFeeley (#8) also took top 10 standings for the Beginner Men 40+ in the series. And Jon Carmack took 12th for the Beginner Men 30-39 class! 

Our Sport Women also had a strong showing throughout the entire series with 5 top 20 placings! 
Miss Sam Bendt swept the overall for the Sport women with 1st followed by April wells in 3rd, Ann Groninger in 5th, Stephanie Bush in 10th, and Casey Bailey in 15th!

Our Beginner Women, Daniel Suprick, Christy Blakely, and Silvia Brust also raced throughout the series!

Our last client to mention is Ty Gibbs! He had a great showing this series and ended up 3rd overall! 



Winter Short Track Series: January 26th 2014 Results

Sunday's short track race was a hit! Big thanks to all the sponsors and everyone who came out for the races! We had podiums all around and the weather was great! The TotalCyclist MTB Team has earned 430 points over the last 2 races, putting us in 3rd overall for the Team Standings! Way to go guys! In addition to all the amazing work our MTB Team has done, we are also extremely proud of all the TotalCyclist athletes who competed and placed this weekend! Your hardwork and determination does not go unnoticed! Check the names below to see how many awesome athletes we had out there this weekend! You guys rock!

TotalCyclist Athletes

Expert Women:
#2 Bonnie Kleffman*

Sport Women:
#1 Sam Bendt
#5 Ann Groninger
#9 April Wells
#13 Leanne McCann
#14 Bobbie Kimsey

Expert Men:
#3 Rick Pyle
#4 Chris Wieczorek*
#15 Rob Corbett*

Super Sport Men:
#2 Jamie Turski*
#4 Joe Hathcock
#5 John Cates

Sport Men 40+
#1 Kelly Hudson*
#2 Terry Slifer*
#8 Chad Andrews*
#19 Jim Heckman*
#22 Kemp Wall
#22 Brian Hester
#24 Julius Ulanday

Beginner Men 30-39
#6 Jon Carmack

Masters Men 50+
#7 Paul Wood
#9 Jimmy White

Juniors 13 & Under
#1 Ty Gibbs

* Indicates TotalCyclist MTB Team Rider.

Mountain Bike Team Pics 




Read about Jay Forgione's cyclocross experience of last weekend. He won his age group and had a whole lot of fun!


On Suffering

Lofty title I know but stay with me. Far from some facile Nietzchean  "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger" notion this is a blog about cycling not philosophy (duh) and besides, the good philosopher died at 46, quite possibly of syphilis. Keep that in mind the next time you quote a pop song. Ahem.

On New Year's Day I left my house for a training ride under grey skies and a temperature of 37 degrees (lack of effort on the part of the weather gods, who apparently took the day off as well). Heading into a chilly, windy metric on a mountain bike no less, my brain told me I was probably missing the point of the holiday. Be that as it may I remembered an article passed on by fellow lunatic Mark Drogalis of Toasted Head Racing - - which is one coach's diatribe on what separates good athletes from the elite: namely one's ability to suffer. 



TotalCyclist Athletes/Teams: Crushing 2014 start!!

TotalCyclist athletes and teams have started off the season with a bang!!!!!!


Checkout these results!

Charlotte Short Track

TotalCyclist MTB Team| #TeamJJF
Expert Mens:
#1 Chris Wieczorek 44 points, 41 team points
Expert Women’s: 
#1 Bonnie Kleffman 30/40

Sports Men 40+
#1Kelly Hudson  58/59
#21 Terry Gleason 18/9

#1 Christy Blakely 18/48

TotalCyclist Athletes
#1 Ann Groniger
#2 Sam Bendt
#4 April Wells
#12 Cathi Mowery
#14 Stephanie Bush

#14 Danielle Suprick

13 & Under 
#1 Ty Gibbs

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Expert Men

#4 Jamie Turski