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Cold weather HYDRATION

Our biggest issue when the weather turns cold is the lack of desire to drink and hydrate! It's cold, you aren't "Thirsty". You have to hydrate. Here's a short video on how to keep from dehydrating during the winter!


No, you will NOT GET big, but better

It's 2016...and now time to get on your strength training! Do not neglect what most all endurance athletes neglect..and that's strength training. Give us two months..and some maintenance work and you will be much happier and faster!


Cramped Christmas

Coach Chad discusses the merits of getting our and stretching during the holidays! Time Crunched and highly stressful times lead to the back tightening up! Plus all the travel and sitting down!


Double "F": Ferritin and Fatigue

**WE have seen it many times. Athletes, especially women, start to fatigue at the end of the season. Cyclists and runners starting to wonder..why do I feel the way I do. I have NOTHING".

Look closer. It may not be training or over training (overtrained or under rested?) it may be that you have low Ferritin (iron reserves in your body). Women who are long course runners and triathletes are particularly susceptible. You may ask what's "normal". Every athletes normal is like someones HR. It's really just you and your iron stores and how YOU respond to that number. Some endurance athletes can get by with a Ferritin of 20 ng/ml. Some need 30 ng/ml. For the average person normal typically is 12-300 nanograms per milliter (ng/ml) for men and 12-150 ng/ml for women.

Lately I have seen some numbers approaching low teens for women. That's pretty low. I have noticed that there is a performance drop. Questions for our athletes are, irritability, weakness, fatigue and minor aches. The best way to research for coaches is to dig into the rest/training micro and macro cycles. If the athlete is reasonably rested the signs above may mean a blood test is needed. 

Additional thoughts are that GP's don't necessarily understand the needs of an endurance athlete. NORMAL sometimes is low or below normal. Good sport dietitians can assist in ways to off set the issues with low ferritin. Many athletes are really good about training, training plans, rest and more. Most ignore the iron and ferritin levels in there body. We suggest a couple of blood tests a year as part of your training plan. 

(**Please note this is my experience as a coach. Please refer to your doctor and dietician for additional information)


Video Blog: Race Face?

TotalCyclist Coach talks about sportsmanship, race face and sports.


Just DO!

Just go out and do is a challenge and so is training so switch it.


Guest Blog by Director of Physical Therapy at Charlotte Sports Clinic, Leah Braden: Posture


My neck! My back! My neck and my back!

It used to be the plight of a desk secretary.  They were soon joined by scientists who spend hours at a microscope, lawyers who sit 80 billable hours in front of a computer, salespeople who log countless hours behind the wheel, and cyclists who pedal for miles and miles as aero as they can manage.  It all looks the same.  A over-flexed lumbar spine that’s meant to extend, a rounded thoracic spine, and a hyperextended cervical spine so that we can see the computer, the horizon, the road. 

Why is it important to counter the extremes we’re living and riding in?  Have you ever heard an elderly person say “I USED to be 5”10” but now I’m only…(several inches shorter)  Picture an older lady with upper back so rounded she can no longer reach the top shelf.   Now granted, some age related changes are inevitable, but many posture related pathologies are totally preventable. 

You better check yo’self

Test yourself right now where you’re sitting or standing.  Slump as far as you can into the worst posture you can attain (think teenage boy sitting in front of a video game) your low back is rounded your shoulders are forward your head is forward.   Now, without changing your posture, reach up as high as you can with your left arm.  How far do you get?  Not much past shoulder height?  Now adjust your posture.  Sit up tall with your back straight, your shoulders back, your chest out (think soldier at attention) Now, reach your left arm up as high as you can.  How far do you reach? 

What happened?  Surely the difference isn’t all posture related?  Well, what else changed?  Changing your posture changes the structure, the intricate and sometimes precarious positioning of the anatomy of your shoulder joint.  

So what should we do about it?  

Assess your posture- both standing up and sitting down at work

Make the appropriate adjustments:  make changes to your workstation and to your driver’s seat so you are able to sit with good posture

Re-assess your posture throughout the day.  As you get focused on the task in front of you, you forget and sink back into poor posture.

Reverse the curve:  Go through a series of exercises throughout the day that undo what poor posture and gravity are doing to your body.  A quick routine might include: 

Cervical retraction – to realign your neck.  Your big head is meant to rest on the top of your cervical spine.  When that 8 pound ball gets too out in front, cervical muscles, and ligaments work overtime.  You can do these every hour at the office, in the car, in front of the tele, or on the bike. 

Lumbar extension- prone press ups to passively extend your spine.

Thoracic extension- seated or standing low rows, using a foam roller, or passively stretching over a bolster

Remember doing a handful of exercises whenever we happen to remember fall short of countering 8 + hour workdays spent hanging in extremes of the wrong position- so make it a part of your daily routine.   We want to be aero on our bike, not at our desk in the office. 

Leah Braden, DPT, CSCS

Director of Physical Therapy

Carolina Sports Clinic



TotalCyclist Athletes/Teams: Crushing 2014 start!!

TotalCyclist athletes and teams have started off the season with a bang!!!!!!


Checkout these results!

Charlotte Short Track

TotalCyclist MTB Team| #TeamJJF
Expert Mens:
#1 Chris Wieczorek 44 points, 41 team points
Expert Women’s: 
#1 Bonnie Kleffman 30/40

Sports Men 40+
#1Kelly Hudson  58/59
#21 Terry Gleason 18/9

#1 Christy Blakely 18/48

TotalCyclist Athletes
#1 Ann Groniger
#2 Sam Bendt
#4 April Wells
#12 Cathi Mowery
#14 Stephanie Bush

#14 Danielle Suprick

13 & Under 
#1 Ty Gibbs

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Expert Men

#4 Jamie Turski