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Winter short Track Race 1 Report

The Winter short track series take place every year and are a great series to have some fun and test your early season fitness on the bike. This is a 5 race series that takes place at Renaissance park in Charlotte NC. Its a fun and fast 3/4 mile circuit with banked turns and a good gravel road climb out. Turnout is always very high for the event and it's put on by Neal Boyd and his group at Charlotte Sports Timing. The races are divided into age groups and classes ranging from beginner classes all the way up to expert. The Team had a great start to the Charlotte Winter Short Track series with both Chris Wieczorek and Bonnie Kleffman taking the wins in the expert men and womens classes.  Kelly Hudson in Super sport men and Dave Williams and Patrick McFeeley in Masters men also all earned podium spots!


Chis had this to say about his big win.

"My race went well considering I was sick most of the week. I was feeling really wiped by Thursday/Friday when I finally got back on the bike and was worried about being able to hit it hard. I did a few efforts on Thursday/Friday and felt really bad and taxed, dizzy, I basically rested and kept hydrated with Nuun and home made juices the rest of the week. I did a typical warm up but didn't do any sprinting. I decided to just sit in and match any reasonable moves and try to stay conservative, I was worried I'd fall flat at any time. Once the race got going I was happy to find out that most attacks from the other riders were not too bad and my engine was rested enough to hold a strong steady pace. I didn't put in any big moves I just rode a bit harder near the end. Luckily that was enough to take the win!"

The rest of the team also had some great results for early in the season, and just goes to show that Winter Training at TotalCyclist can pay off!

Chris Wieczorek 1st Expert Men
Bonnie Kleffman 1st Expert Women
Kelly Hudson 3rd Super Sport Men
Terry Slifer 4th Super Sport Men
Dave Williams 2nd Masters Men
Patrick McFeeley 3rd Masters Men
Kevin Brown 6th SingleSpeed
Mike Tam 6th Sport 19-39
Brian Hester 10th Sport 40+
Jim Heckman 12th Sport 40+


Great job everyone and thanks to our sponsors for all your great support!!


Highlight Coach: Chris Neuman

Get to know Chris Neuman:

Q: Do you have any crazy quirky things about you that not many people know? 

A: Once owned a 1994 Harley Davidson
Love to bake artisan breads
Travelled the country for 3 months in a 32 foot motorhome
Married for 20 years to my wife, Kristin, and we have two boys, Josh (15 yo) and Daniel (12 yo)

Q: Motivational quote you go by?

A:  "It's not whether you get knocked down, but whether you get up" Vince Lombardi

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Wayne Gretzky

"Do, or do not. There is no try." Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back

Q: Highlighted results?

A: My two Ironman races, Lake Placid in 2003 and Coeur d'Alene 2009
Bull Run 50 mile running race in 2008

Q: Goal for the year?

A: Staying healthy and gearing up for Ironman Sweden in 2016
Taking my 15 year old son on a mission trip to Nicaragua this summer and bringing the love of running and endurance sport to the children there.

Q: Why are you a coach?

A: I have been participatiing in Triathlon since 1992 and love the sport. Being a physician, I LOVE studying the science behind the training and sharing this knowledge with others that may not understand it, all the while, helping them achieve their goals. I enjoy seeing people, no matter what background, accomplish athletic feats that they never thought they could ever do, while introducing them to a healthy lifestyle. Hanging out with cool people!

A little bit more about Chris:

Chris has been doing triathlons for over 20 years as a way to stay in shape and active after medical school and working as an emergency room physician. He has many age group podium finishes and has raced Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Couer d'Alene. He has also run the Boston Marathon and the 50 mile Bull Run in Manassas, Virginia. He currently lives in the Ballantyne area with his wife, Kristin, and two teenage boys, Josh and Daniel.



Anything is possible at TotalCyclist...


Over the past two years Marty has dedicated himself to the professionals at TotalCyclist. First with a few cycling classes then with Coaching from Chad Andrews for cycling and Susan Airheart triathlete focused training. Now Marty is topping off his training with Ritter Sports Performance strength training. His transformation has been amazing and moving to us here at TotalCyclist. Marty has lost nearly 50 pounds, went from 34% body fat to a slimming 14% also a waist line from 38 to 32. His half Ironman time has dropped by 2 hours, YES 2 HOURS! THATS HUGE! Also, TotalCyclist has helped prepare and completed his first full Ironman. These accomplishments are only the beginning for Marty, we only look forward to see Marty continue to shed the weight and only become stronger and stronger. Sky is the limit here at TotalCyclist!

"There is no other indoor cycling workout quite like TC. TC is not just for cold or bad weather workouts. The TC program has been essential to my entire year training program. I am excited about the upcoming 2015 season an am shooting for an age group podium spot. TotalCyclist has been the best investment in my Health, Fitness and racing performance. Thank you for helping transform me from a recreational athlete into one that can compete."

-Marty Rosenberg


Get the right Grip!

When it comes to riding your bike you only have 3 contact points, your hands, feet and rear. So on your bike your hands take a lot of the vibration and shock that comes from trail riding. Anyone who's been on a bike for longer periods of time knows how important it is to have the right grips on your ride! ESI carries a great variety of grips from their Regular, Chunky and even Extra Chunky diameters! I personally picked the Chunky line of grips for my bike as they seem to match up perfect for my hand size and decided to give them a try on my new bar setup! The grips are designed so that they are thicker on one side compared to the other when installing make sure that sits in your palm nicely for added comfort. These grips are designed to slide on your bars so I used a little window cleaner on mine to help with the installation. Pretty simple and once you get them on you can rotate to get the thicker side to sit nicely in your palms and your ready to roll! Here is a look at my new setup with the Chunky grips on my new bars. I have had a chance to try these now for a few long training rides and man are they nice! Gives you total confidence on the bike and hands don't feel tired or beat up after! Thanks ESI!!


Here's a look at some of the other team guys rides sporting their ESI grips which also come in a variety of colors as well!!




The TotalCyclist MTB team is proud to have the great support of ESI Grips.


Why is rest important?

When you train hard, a good food for thought would be to REST HARDER! The reason for this is recovery is pivotal to your training no matter if your a pro, recreational or your basic weekend warrior. Riding, Running or even swimming a 1000 plus miles or training at 100% daily can be pointless we it can risk the causes of injury or burning out leaving you tired for the next days work out which won't be able to be completed at optimal performance because your injured or overworked. Recovering doesn't always have to be a day "off" per say but definitely a lighter work out ex. 1 hour bike ride no harder than 50% of your FTP. Every week should have at least one day where you're riding, running or swimming easy (active recovery) and about every 3-4 weeks I would recommend taking a complete week of active recovery. 

Ways to stay on top of recovery:

The majority of us have day jobs so that leaves us waking up at 5:30-6 am and going into work and then getting off by 6 pm. Which puts us in a tight spot for finding time to get that whole 8 hours of sleep required at night. An easy way to try and focus on sleep would be to be in bed by 10pm. Some of you may be reading this like, "What? 10pm...When should I eat?" Try pre make meals the Sunday night prior before the week starts. 

Get a massage! This can be both healing to the body and mind. This will help break the lactic from a hard training block and get the knotted muscles lose and read to go for your next event. This is good for the mind because this is where you sit relax and let the healing begin!

Protein Shake! Get your favorite recovery drink after your rides and efforts to help replace what is lost and get in some active recovery!

These are just some ways you can stay on top of your recovery!


Rumble and some Tumbles in the Jungle!

The Rumble in the Concrete Jungle is a one-of-a-kind event held at the USNWC in Charlotte NC featuring several disciplines of bicycle racing, each taking place in and around the drained whitewater channels of the world’s largest man-made whitewater river.A few of the team members participated in both the downhill event as well as the short-track race.

First we want to wish a speedy recovery to everyone that was injured in the event including team member Kelly Hudson who all had some pretty bad crashes during the event. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys, heal up fast and see you back on the trails soon!

In the downhill open race team member Josh Strang took home a solid 3rd place result, with Kelly Hudson in 34th and Mike Tam in 46th in a tightly packed field of riders with tenths of seconds separating competitors.


In the short track event held after the downhill competition, team member Chris Wieczorek took home the win with fellow teammate Josh Strang in 3rd! Fellow team member Mike Tam also finished with a solid 10th place finish. Fellow teammate Kelly Hudson along with several riders had some pretty bad crashes during the event and did not finish. Speedy recovery guys!




Chris had this to say about his race. "My race went well and stayed out of trouble. Mike Tam offered to lead out the start and separate it out so I could stay safe. That caused Andrew Raab and I to get away really quickly. We basically worked with each other the entire race, he was super strong on the flat course and put some big power down on the gravel. He tried to drop me a few times but I was able to stay on his wheel without going maximum. With one to go I was able to make a winning move strait up the concrete wall to get by him and pull a gap. I drilled it all out for the next half a lap to stay away...felt pretty good."


How I Became A Computrainer Convert

Before all of the spin class instructors and pundits flame me, I want to say that this is not an anti-spin class blog. I just want to explain how I became a compu-trainer convert and why it works for me. I have been participating in triathlon for over 20 years and have been coaching for 3. Throughout my career, I have found that, when I am not signed up for a race, or not actively training FOR something, my fitness, and more importantly, my performance, tends to drop. It is only when I have concrete goals to train for that my performance actually improves. This is the difference between exercising and training. I am not trying to get fit, I am trying to get FASTER.

If you are looking to be generally fit, to improve your health, or even your waistline, there is no problem with exercise. It helps you burn calories, lose weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, and can even help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other “lifestyle” diseases. There are numerous ways to do this, and it probably doesn’t matter a whole lot about how you get this exercise. Whether it is in the weight room, the outdoor track, Pilates, step classes, spin classes, running, biking, swimming, or any other form of exercise you can find at your local YMCA, you will basically arrive at the same endpoint.

BUT, if you want to get FASTER, you need to TRAIN with a goal in mind. Randomly exercising will not get you there. Every session has to have a purpose (whether to increase aerobic base, threshold power, VO2 max, anaerobic fitness, hill climbing/running etc). You focus on weaknesses, or specific areas that apply to a race, group ride, summer track series etc. Things need to be planned out in advance within a larger training plan.

That brings us to using a computrainer vs spin classes (or other forms of exercise.) When I have participated in spin classes, I arrive in a workout studio, which have numerous spin bikes that all need to be adjusted for you. The instructor gets up in the front, and after a brief warmup, you start your main set. This often consists of an interval session where you ride at a set tension and cadence, have a rest interval, and repeat. This also may include a longer, lower intensity interval, and then a brief cool-down. This is all done while the spin instructor is yelling instructions through his/her microphone and there is techno-dance music blaring in the background (not that there is anything wrong with that.) The new spin bikes may give you a “wattage” readout, or some other form of “power”, but unfortunately, there is no way to put this in context. You may be red-lining it for 20 minutes on tension “20”, while your neighbor is cruising on that same tension. You may not be going hard enough on your short intervals. You would need to know your personal power zones to put this in any context. Usually there is no “goal” for that training session other than to work your “aerobic fat burning zone” and add some “high intensity intervals.”

On the other hand, with a computrainer;
-you use your own bike, which has been painstakingly fit to you (hopefully), and your own shoes
-you are pedaling to a specifically designed workout for that session. (training vs exercising)
-you are working out in your personally designed training zones, as is everyone else (based on your personal functional threshold power.)
-you have the experience of cycling and triathlon coaches, professional cyclists, and others who have put YEARS of cycling experience, training and education behind them.
-within a season, you have a progression of workouts designed to get you faster.
-Your instructors and staff have a vested interest in helping you reach your goals.
-You have the opportunity to ride real courses using Real Course Videos, such as ones from various Ironman races, and have the chance to practice on them before your race.
-You can even upload your own courses from your Garmin GPS.
-AND, you are surrounded by other cycling enthusiasts with the same goals in mind.

This is why I have seen a dramatic increase in my power and performance on the bike over the past season. And this is also why I expect to see continued improvement in the season to come.

To read Dr. Neuman’s other blogs, please visit


TotalCyclist Press Release: Hoffarth to Nadas, Croom/Naylor added to staff.


Chad Andrews

Charlotte, NC

TotalCyclist would like to congratulate former Operations Director, Rick Hoffarth, on his new position with Nada's Italy Small Group Tours. Rick will remain on the TotalCyclist staff in a small capacity in the marketing/special sessions department.

TotalCyclist  has added Jon Naylor as assistant manager. Jon is a well respected cyclist in the community. Jon has been coaching for TotalCyclist since 2014 and now adds his talents to the administrative and customer service side.

TotalCyclist also welcomes John Croom. John is serving his internship at TotalCyclist learning about business development. John is an experienced track and road cyclist. He has an amazing story that we all love to hear. Come to our midtown location to hear just what its all about!

TotalCyclist is excited about the future for Rick, John and Jon. Questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 704.376.7006