Winter Training Series 411

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What? NEW NEW NEW!!!!

Winter Training is a 2 part Series.
Winter 1 starts first week of November.
Winter 2 starts first week of January.


Winter Training Series is our most popular training program at TotalCyclist. The series starts moderately challenging and then progressively more challenging workouts are added. It's designed to build cardio (aerobic) fitness. We build towards anaerobic (Hard workouts) as the series progresses. The purpose of the classes is to prepare you for the upcoming cycling season. Guaranteed Results.


Winter Training is for all types of athletes. Cyclists have gained great benefits from our challenging program. Beginners to Pro's. Motorsports to Triathletes. This program has everything you need to make you stronger for cycling AND your sport. 


All of our locations offer the Winter Training Series Program. Try the first one on us. Use the promocode: freepass to get into a class at your preferred TotalCyclist location. 


Winter Training is a 2 part Series.
Winter 1 starts first week of November.
Winter 2 starts first week of January.  YOU CAN SIGN UP AT ANYTIME HOWEVER

How often should I come during the winter?

We recommend 1 time at least...2 is even better. WE can design a program inside our series that makes you have a slow progression towards fitness for 2017!

Get our UNLIMITED package and everything is included! 

How do I purchase using the TotalCyclist app

1. Download the TotalCyclist App for Iphone or Droid.
2. Login with your account email (username) and password
3. Click the Schedule Tab on our Homepage,select the location where you want to train. 
4. Clickin the Date Box in the upper right hand corner for a drop down calendar, scroll to the first week of our series. (November and January).
Five. Click on the Sign up button to the right of the Day/Time you want to train each week. Book multiple weeks if you want the same day and time each week. 
6. You will receive a message that as you what you want to purchase. Complete checkout.
7. IF YOU DID not select "Book Multiple" classes then you purchase ONLY PUTS YOU in the first class. YOU MUST THEN REGISTER for each day/time you want with the remaining credits. 

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TotalCyclist Fall/Winter Training Series

Question and Answers

Go to our buy page
Purchase the series
Take the credits and BOOK YOURSELF into 1 class a week for the entire series.
Go to your class schedule and VERIFY you are in the classes you chose!
Once the series begins you will have the ability to CHANGE your class day or time!

1. Define Threshold (LT)


Lactate, your body's buffering agent, neutralizes the acid that builds up in your legs and makes them burn during heavy exertion. The harder you turn the cranks, the faster acid accumulates. Eventually, your muscles generate more acid than you can neutralize and your searing muscles force you to ease up. The point at which you begin to accumulate acid more quickly than you can dissipate it is your LT, or, in riding terms, the fastest pace you can maintain for 30 minutes without feeling like your legs are on fire



2. Once we set threshold, how does WTSmake me better? We build the program so that we engage all of your bodies cycling energy systems. WE teach your body how to adapt at threshold and above. This in turns helps you Recover quicker and well..suffer at Lactate easier. Your LT number will go up during the series…AND your ability to tolerate less rest and more intensity rises.


3. As I look at the screen, what should I focus on?

Firstly your RPM. 90-95 is optimal. Cadence.
Watts per kilogram. Watts per kilogram, under intervals that are at 100% of Lactate Threshold over 5 minutes, tells a cyclist pure abilty. Pro men? 6.5 watts per kilo/ Women 5.8 Watts per kilo.
Speed and Distance are irrelevant. Why? Because it’s all about what gear you are in. But the gear matters not because all the workouts are percentage based. So, regardless if you shift gears OR what gear you are in…you will always get a resistance that is a percentage of your LT.

4. You talk about rpms, but I have a slow natural cadence. Why do I need to spin at 90-93 rpm? In one word, efficiency,you want to train your body to be able to produce the most amount of power with the least amount of work. That’s usually right around 90-95 rmp.


5. Why can't I spin at 100+ rpm? What difference does that make? Typically you will “outrun” the computrainer and the pressure on your rear wheel will relax a bit. Best way to cheat when you are suffering.


6. You tell me that I have a dead spot in my pedal stroke and it looks like I run on the bike. How do I correct that? Is there an exercise or a program that I can use to test how smoothly I pedal? We suggest that AFTER each one of your intervals take a left OR right foot out and hang it on the back of the computrainer. Pedal. Do you feel a clunking noise? You have a dead spot. BEST way to eliminate this issue is to envision you have mud on your shoes.  Practice. Practice


7. You talk about the workout being a certain percentage of threshold on average. What does that mean? How can various and completely different workouts yield the same percentage threshold? Why do you do that? Without getting to technical. But our workouts are based on Intensity Factor. That’s a power based measurement of the PERCENTAGE of your LT power. So, each week we build each workout slightly harder. To you? All our workouts are hard. But we will let you know what % you worked that week!


8. What was the range of the WTS1 percentage threshold? 79-82.5 % of your LT!


 9. What will the range be this WTS2? Depends. But we are shooting for .83-.87. OUCH!


10. How will I know when I should increase my threshold and train at that different level? We have coaches to help you. But typically the group you are training with will be a clear indication. If you aren’t working as hard as everyone then you’re likely a bit low. HOWEVER, some workouts you will rock. Some will ROCK you. Be prepared for both.


11. If I fail during a workout should I lower my number or keep going. That will be workout dependent. The key. COME IN FRESH!!! We may decide to lower your number to get you through it. Or, have you slog thru it. If you aren’t fresh we will likely have you punt and lower your LT number.


12. I feel tired today, may I please adjust the threshold? COME IN FRESH and that will not be an issue!! Try it. IF you just can’t a coach will lower your number for you.


13. I'm discouraged, I don't seem to be getting better?? YOU WILL> Guaranteed. Just be patient. Most people see results after 5 weeks.