TotalCyclist Winter Bike League

Cold or wet? Join our Indoor Classes HERE
  • Starts Saturday, December 17th 2018, 930am in the parking lot in front TotalCyclist TOUCHSTONE 
  • Distance/Time: Not sure about distance but time will be 2.5 hours to start.
  • Average Pace: Starts at 18-19 double paceline
  • How long will we eventually ride? By February up to 4.5 hours!
  • Is there an "A" and "B" ride? In years past someone has always stepped up to lead a "B" ride. Leaders are welcome!  
  • If it's cold will we ride? Brutal cold: No (Below 35 degrees). Rain? No. Check for updates at the top of this page!  On days that are too cold and/or wet we will offer 1.5 hour Real Course Video classes at our Touchstone location.
  • Rain? Snow? Uh..we are hard core but NO!
  • Where do we ride? Usually South for some fun!
  • or 


First WBL. We will add a few miles each week!