Why TotalCyclist?


Do you REALLY want to take the next step in your training? Do you want to jump up from a “C” group rider to a “B” or “A” group rider? Bike Split on your local triathlon lagging? Do you drive a sports car or race motocross


TotalCyclist is a focused indoor training center that offers “the difference” to help you get faster. Period. We have heard in the past that it’s no longer a “luxury to train with TotalCyclist it’s a necessity”. The athletes that have trained in our Training Centers have achieved gains as much as 10-30%!


What we offer

  • Cycling Classes with world class coaches. Thumping music, great motivational atmosphere.
  • You will receive a detaiied email of your workout, upload to strava, training peaks and more...all complimentary!
  • Distance coaching for all levels of athletes. Live in California, Arizona or New York? We have you covered.
  • Our flagship location, in Midtown Charlotte, offers massage, yoga, strength training and more.
  • The TWO satellite locations are at InVue in South Charlotte and Fuel in Motion in Mount Pleasant, SC

 Please contact us if you have any questions!

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What is TotalCyclist?



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