Donna Zurawski

I began my biking journey in 2012 when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My goal at that time was simple: to lose weight and eat healthier. I managed to lose 20 pounds and participated in 9 Ramblin’ Rose Sprint Triathlons over the next 4 years. I did all of my training by myself for the most part and managed to gain back those 20 pounds by 2016. I absolutely LOVE to ride my bike but I was losing interest. I have always been the kind of person who can put my mind to something and give it 100%. I had new goals to achieve. I wanted to be able to ride in group rides and not be the one everyone had to wait for at each stop; I wanted to have fun riding and not feel exhausted after a ride; and I wanted to meet other riders.  I then found Chad Andrews at TotalCyclist who assured me that if I would regularly train at TotalCyclist, I could accomplish these goals. Wow! Was he right!

My goal last year was to get stronger and faster to be able to complete the bike leg (56 miles) of the Half Ironman in Augusta. Training at TotalCyclist two times per week and riding both weekend days prepared me for that goal. But I wanted more!

Throughout the Fall and Winter, I continued my training at TotalCyclist and attended TotalCyclist Diva Day Camps and a five-day TotalCyclist Diva Camp in Winter Garden, FL in January 2017. I accomplished all of my goals and began to learn how to enjoy biking more by being smarter and more efficient.

This spring, I had new goals:

1. To get off my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and to get off my CPAP machine for sleep apnea.

2. To be prepared for riding 3 days straight (252 miles in A Ride to Remember event across SC to support Alzheimer's) 

3. To increase core strength

I realized that I needed help to accomplish these goals so I hired Coach Chad Andrews at TotalCyclist to help me on my journey on April 18, 2017.  He is not just a bike coach; he is a life coach. I was so ready to change my life but I faced challenges when I started this journey.  That is where Coach Chad comes in.  Making a commitment to training (riding my bike more) and eating healthier to meet my goals required not only a commitment from me but also a commitment from my spouse to support me.  He is not a cyclist.  And even though he supports my goals, we have to constantly communicate to ensure we have a balance between my training and our time together.

Coach Chad set my expectations appropriately and said that he could help me reach my goals as long as I believed in the plan, followed the plan, and was patient. In three months, I have lost over 30 pounds and am off of my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and I no longer have sleep apnea. I am eating healthy food. Food tastes so good now. I am not on a “diet.” I have made a life change to eating healthy. I am sleeping better; I have more energy; AND I BELIEVE in myself.

In July 2017, I did the “A Ride to Remember” event. Three days, 252 miles total (my first 100 mile ride on Day 3) to raise money for Alzheimer’s. I had so much FUN.  Was it hard? Not really. Coach Chad had me prepared for this event. I climbed the hills; I kept pace with one of the faster group of riders; I rode in a pace line and was comfortable; I knew what nutrition to take to make me feel good; and I still had energy left when I was done! I had one of the best rides I have ever had!  

And this is only the beginning of my journey! Now to set some new goals to accomplish! Thanks, Chad, TotalCyclist, and Diva Camp.

Donna Z.

Jeff Viscount

"Cycling has been a passion for me since 2003. Over the years a bone fusion in my back and six knee surgeries had taken a toll on my overall performance. But in 2012, a total hip replacement became the biggest hurdle I've ever had to overcome. Between rehab and my work within the cycling community I had become the guy behind the curtain at rides instead of the guy in front of the peloton. My goal for 2014 was more time on the bike and less time behind the curtain. My decision to work with Chad and his trainers by participating in the TotalCyclist Winter Training Series has paid off with huge dividends. My performance and endurance is noticeably better than ever. I am more focused, faster and stronger on the bike and it is all directly attributed to the structure and encouragement that I found at TotalCyclist. I am a recreational cyclists and for me cycling is a way to stay fit, have fun and remain competitive when the city limit sign comes into view. Thanks to TotalCyclist I am winning a few of those city limit sprints." 


Jeff Viscount


Jamie Barry

"When I decided to take up competitive cycling last year, experienced riders directed me to you and your coaching staff. The introduction to a weekly training program was the perfect way to get my feet wet. I've now progressed to the point where riding is a central part of my life. As a cystic fibrosis patient, I am testimony to the value of the regular managed workouts that Total Cyclist promotes. My pulmonologist is amazed by the improvement in the capacity and efficiency of my lungs since I started training with Trey and Total Cyclist. In the 12 months since I started regular cycling workouts, my lung function has improved by over 14% -- unheard of in the world of cystic fibrosis!"

Thank you, Trey and Chad.

Tonya Burkhardt

I wanted to say how fun and challenging it is to work with TotalCyclist. I am Professional Fitness Competitor and avid cyclist. I appreciate all the strength training fun, the skill work on the bike and the energy in the training center. All that, combined with assistance inside the Fitness industry, helped me achieve my goal: getting my Pro Card in Fitness! I look forward to becoming the TotalCyclist and many more fun (painful) workouts in the Training Center!

Chad Hollingsworth

Leadville! We did it. I want to thank you for all of your hard work preparing me for this epic race. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and will always treasure the result. When I walked into your office in February with my Leadville acceptance in hand, I was a little freaked and overwhelmed. I had just signed a lease to open a new restaurant and was wondering how to get it all done.

Through balanced planning and dedicated execution, the result speaks for itself. Most importantly, I was able to maintain my focus professionally, my commitment to my wife and family, and grow as a new bike racer. I’m already seeking my next challenge and look forward to having you by my side.

Chad Hollingsorth | Dad, Father, entrepreneur, Bike racer

Chris Davis

I cannot thank TotalCyclist (Charlotte-South Park) and Coach Riley Grier enough for making me a better cyclist in the off season! While still not "fast," I am riding much "smarter," which has allowed me to run faster off the bike in my triathlons! The biggest improvement I have made is now being able to consistently ride an avg cadence of 80 plus. Used to be 60 plus! Also, my average mph was 21 out and 19 back, and a good cadence avg! Got my first COCAC experience a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday. I may have even seen you that day. Not sure.
I will be back.

Laura Fricano

"I wore my wonderful TotalCyclist jersey in my Ironman debut in Louisville, KY this past August (2013).  My bike time exceeded my original goal and that is in part due to the interval training I did at TotalCyclist!  Thanks to the coaches at TC, I had a strong bike split.  I look forward to more training in the near future!"

Laura Fricano

Tim Cline

"It was the week before Labor Day, a month before I was supposed to ride a double century at the MS Breakaway to the Beach. I had just returned from a ride with several riding buddies...or I should say from a ride watching several riding buddies disappear in the distance.  I had ridden very little in August due to a travel schedule, but I had put in over 3,000 miles before that. With that sort of record, I figured I should be back on the bike with no problem.  But here I was, bonking after 20 miles of 13-14 mph average. Friends were dropping back to help me get home--that make me feel even worse. It was so bad I went to my doctor for a check up He said I was in great shape (oh, yeah, lose some weight) and could ride circles around most people my age (69 and counting). Problem was I didn't want to ride with people my age, I usually rode with folks younger than me and wanted to keep doing it.

I had done some Winter Training Series sessions at TotalCyclist which had helped me a lot, so as a last resort, I gave Chad a Call and said, basically, "Help me." Chad told me that I could get my mojo back in time for the MS if I was willing to put in the work and to drag my butt and my bike into the training center the next day. Getting there was the easy part. Chad cranked up the Computrainer and the music. I could go into the whole pain cave thing, but suffice to say, it was hard (and at times, painful) work. Chad set the threshold high and picked tough programs (still hate the shark fins) but was helpful and encouraging.  Keep in mind bikers, this is not spin class. This is training based on good research...at least that's what Chad tells us as he whips us into shape.  Must be true, seven sessions later, I actually began to think that the MS double century was possible.

The ride started in the rain and fog, but three hours into it, things started to clear off, but by lunch break I was getting a sunburn. Our group was putting right along and I was staying with them. About mile 90, I was the one who dropped back and pulled a buddy to the end. Felt great. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except for the wind(ugh) but we hung together to the end and had some good beer to celebrate.

If this overweight, Medicare card-carrying rider can do a double century at 16+ with a month's worth of Chad and Total Cyclist training, think of what a real cyclist could accomplish..... You will never regret the work you put in at Total Cyclist and I promise you will forget the pain and remember the rewards."

Trey Miller

I began to race my bike at 23, I realized and recognized my need for structure and training as my own poorly designed workouts were a complete waste of time. I could compete in category 4/5 races but had no clue what it is I was doing during a race or for preparation before. After an intense training exercise at Per4mance Training now known as Total Cyclist, I realized that structure, direction, and a coach was what I needed. I told coach Chad Andrews, owner of Total Cyclist that I needed a coach who was tough, honest, direct and to the point, and most importantly someone who was not going try and be a directed friend

Chad began coaching in December of 2008.

Needless to say its almost 3 years later, I'm now 25 years old, a Category 1 racer, racing for Global Bike (the best elite cycling team in the SE), a Total Cyclist coach and most importantly I am now a friend to Chad Andrews and the Total Cyclist community.

Chad, thank you for everything we have been through, everything you have done for me, and I look forward to what is to come in the future.

Coach/Athlete Trey Miller

Laura Gellman

“As a 15 year + cyclist, I had heard a lot about Computrainer, but was always very skeptical that putting my bike on the car to go ride a trainer would be worth it.  Signing up for Ironman Arizona 2013, however, was intimidating enough that I opened my mind to all possibilities and decided to give it a try.  I immediately noticed very material changes, starting with doing local rides faster at the same effort level, including PR-ing many local rides at the age of 47, which I certainly never would have expected.  But the best part of the whole experience was probably getting to preview the IMAZ bike course via real course video.  I had told Rick I wanted to ride the course before my event (I am a BIG believer in that), but could not pull off getting me and my bike to Phoenix.  He said that Total Cyclist had IMAZ on real course video and very graciously offered to set up a class for me and my IMAZ training buddies at our convenience.  I was not sure how helpful it would be, but decided to give it a try.  The day of my actual race, there were literally no surprises.  The course felt almost identical in person as it had in the video and I knew EXACTLY what to expect.  I felt so prepared that my biggest issue on the bike was being a bit bored, which is a great problem to have at Ironman!  Many thanks to TotalCyclist for being an integral part of preparing me for my first Ironman – you guys are the best!!!” 


Kristen Harvey

"My experience with Chad as my coach goes far beyond successful, Chad is World Class. Although Chad discovered my natural affinity for the time trial during power testing prior to my initial pro season, Chad and I had only maintained a friendship throughout my eight-year career as a professional cyclist.

However, fresh off of retirement from the pro peloton and a three month hiatus from the bike, I found myself urgently in need of Chad's professional coaching expertise and guidance! I wanted to race again and had just ten weeks to go from not-really-riding to race- ready. I decided to go to the World Masters Cycling Championship...and I wanted to win. Chad was the natural and perfect fit because I knew his friendship to be real and true, his experience and knowledge was vast, and I knew I could trust him without a shadow of a doubt. Preparations would need to include both the physical and psychological attributes plus lots of fine tuning. I needed my body and my mind to be strong and sharp. Chad needed to handle all of this. I had no doubt that he could, based on what I had seen from Chad over the years...Chad is good people!...

Thad Dulin

In my case, having a coach was something unheard of. As someone who inherited the “do it yourself" mentality, I used to pretend to not want a coach. Taking some credit for turning pro with very little directional training, I did ride professionally for three years before realizing that my skills did not meet the requirements of a successful athlete and college student.

15 hours of college enrollment and a 50-race cycling schedule was a new venture to me, and I wanted to be great at both of them. Per4mance Training directed me in ways unknown to many athletes (myself included), and taught me ways to succeed not only on the road, but in the classroom as well.

Phil Southerland

I would like to extend a big Thank You to Coach Tim, You, and Total Cyclist for the services provided to Team Type 2. The coaching, knowledge, and guidance that Tim provided to 8 guys who had recently got into cycling was fantastic.

I got rave reviews about Tim from all 8 riders before the start of RAAM, which I thought was great. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding," and when those 8 crossed the finish line 7 days, 7hours, and 23 minutes later, Tim's ability to coach, guide, and lead were all proven beyond any question.

I have had more and more people come to me saying "I thought they would fail, never thought they could do it, surprised they lived, was positive they wouldn't make it past the mountains.

Will Hoffarth

Hey Coach, First off I want to thank you personally for EVERYTHING that you have done for me and helped me through. I feel that you are 90% of what i needed to come as far as i have. This past weekend was an awesome experience in learning how to be professional on and off the bike. It gave me an in-depth insight to how different cycling can be or has to be in order to take it to that next level. I had a general idea of what kind of a commitment comes with becoming a professional cyclist before a came to this camp. However, once i left this weekend i realized how little Iactually knew about becoming pro. I never realized everything that goes into a pro's lifestyle, and this weekend opened my eyes to it. Cycling is my passion. I strive to succeed in cycling and be the best that i can possibly be. I'm not going to stop reaching until Icannot physically move my legs anymore.

Will Hoffarth (Pro Cyclist) | Harrisburg, NC

Linda Royston & Sandi Morrow

I discovered TotalCyclist after realizing that I needed some guidance in learning the right way to cycleand build confidence in myself.  I just recently did the Collier Lilly Ride4Life, which I rode last year andcame in dead last. This year, my friend, Sandi, and I did it in 2 hours and some change! I may grumblewith through the CompuTrainer sessions (especially going up the hills) but it really does work! It has boosted my confidence level and endurance level.  Chad Andrews and his staff are all top notch and really do go out of their way to help you reach your goal.      
–Linda Royston

Hi, Chad!
The Collier Lilly Ride4Life was my first bike ride since last year.  I am so happy with the results from TotalCyclist! I was able to tell a big improvement in my endurance, strength and ride...love it!
–Sandi Morrow

Jeremy Walton

"Before TotalCyclist I was getting dropped or lapped in EVERY bike race I did. After completing Winter Series 1 and 2, I made the podium in 3 of my next 4 races!  I would recommend TC to anyone who wanted to improve their riding abilities. The difference between riding your bike and riding TC is shown in the results" 
Jeremy Walton

Hannah Coughlin Miller

"Chad/TotalCyclist, I wanted to write to express my gratitude for being such an amazing coach! When I first signed up with you, you told me you would not just make me faster, but that you’d also be a life-coach. At that that time I really wasn’t interested in a life coach, I just wanted to be faster! Despite that you gave me both and looking back I realize I couldn’t have one without the other! After all, while I want to be as competitive as possible, I’m not just an athlete, but also have a demanding job in corporate America, am a newly-wed and I’m in grad school. You were able to incorporate all parts of my life into effective training and within a few months I’ve increased my threshold (i.e. speed), have gone from a Cat 3 to a Cat 2 racer and have done my first NRC races!"

Aldo Ino Ilesic

Chad, I had coaches before and I would be lying if I would say that they were not good. But I always missed something... With you and Totalcyclist I got that something I was missing. That is a great coach and friend and group of people, who are like a family once I enter the doors of Per4mance Training Center.

Not everything in being a coach is training, but you also need to have that human element, where you get to know and understand the athletes life on and off the bike. The bottom line, its all about communication between coach and athlete and Totalcyclist definitely has all the aspects which are needed, to support the athlete the way he can achieve his maximum.

Now after five months of focused and detailed work with TotalCyclist, even though I was a pro for four years already before, I made huge progress. I am 4kg lighter and better in shape than ever before at this time of the year.

Looking forward to the future with you guys

Aldo Ino Ilesic (European Pro Cyclist/TotalCyclist Coach) Ptuj, Slovenia

Laura Maddy

Updated: I love the your coaching because you are so talented at working with an individual; not just a training plan but the overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being of your athlete combined with scientific aspect of coaching.  You are gifted at getting to know your athletes; you understand how to listen, motivate, and support in addition to building specific training plans for your athletes' goals amidst their multidimensional interests and constraints.  You help us suffer and grow as athletes and individuals.  Thanks Coach!

I have two more comments, and here's the first one.

I owe a huge thank you to my coach Chad Andrews at TotalCyclist. He's the one that helped get me into shape these past two years - a pretty tough task - and he did an amazing job.  I love working with Chad. He takes time to get to know how you ride, how you operate, what motivates you, and how to wring every last bit of effort out of you to give you great gains in ability.

Chad helped me move from a sport rider to an expert rider through training on speed and endurance as well as nutrition and other aspects important to racing and riding strong.  He gave me a great structure of training so that as an amateur I was able to fit in realistic training hours with a full time job; and also race in the hardest stage race in the country - the 7 day Trans-Sylvania Epic. Photo: © Trans-Sylvania Epic

Laura Gleason (Expert MTB) NC