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TotalCyclist Spring, Triathlon, Climbing, Summer, Fall Classes


Question and Answers

**Please scroll down for detailed information on how to prepare and what to do** 


We prefer tires that are slick :)


What can my 5 and 10 Pack (All Classes except winter) Cycling Class credits be used for?

  • Real Course Video/Sufferfest
  • Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Fall for Fitness
  • Climbing class
  • Holiday Special Classes
  • Cycling 101 Classes

CLASS Descriptions

**YOU CAN NOT USE these Credits for Winter Training Series.

 1. The sufferfest workouts are a great interactive workout! The video matches the "intervals" that you will be doing. These are usually pretty challenging..but, we can tailor make the workout to suit your individual needs! We are the only Sufferfest Training Studio in the Carolinas! These classes run Year round. Purchase a 1/5/10pack or unlimited yearly (best value) 

2. The spring/summer/Fall for Fitness series will be great for a all around great workout. This will include short/intense intervals and longer efforts to make you a well balanced cyclist. The Spring Series Dove Tails after the Winter Series. Perfect to get you fine tuned for the rides outdoors. Show your friends how fit you have become! Fall Series is a great lead in to the Winter Series. Many of our athletes have found this a great compliment to our Winter Series. These classes run Spring, Summer, Fall. Purchase a 1/5/10pack or unlimited yearly (best value) 

3. The Triathlon Series is designed for those who are looking to maximize their bike split. We work with your OWN individual data to get you the fastest split and the best run for your next Triathlon. There is a show and go run (optional) after each class These classes run Spring, Summer, Fall. Purchase a 1/5/10pack or unlimited yearly (best value)

4. The Climbing series will combine a mix of "Real Course Videos" that are 3d and you are actually riding the climbs. We also incorporate a fair amount of intervals at 7 plus minutes. These WILL HELP your climbing. Thinking of tackling all the hilly/mountainous metrics? Beech Mountain, Mitchell, Hincapie Gran Fondo, Ride the Rockies? he Hat trick is a great climbing series based in the southeast US!We've got you covered. These classes run Spring, Summer, Fall. Purchase a 1/5/10pack or unlimited yearly (best value) 

5. The Cycling 101 Classes are designed for the "newer" cyclist who wants to learn the special details that makes learning how to ride quicker, faster...easier. WE also pair these classes with a purchase (Buy a new bike from one of our great friendly shops or partners) of a new bike!! What better way to learn how to ride that slick new bike than to train and get fast at TotalCyclist!
1- Have your purchased a new bike and find that it is a challenge how to ride it, switch gears, get comfortable on it? (This is just for newbies who are purchasing their first bike!)
2- Have you gotten used to the new bike but now want to learn how to become FASTER on it?
3- Are you having a hard time adjusting to the new bike?
1/5/10pack or unlimited yearly (best value)



TotalCyclist Fall/Winter Training Series

Question and Answers

The Winter Training Series is BY FAR our most popular program. Winter 1 is 6 classes and Winter 2 is 10 classes. The process goes as follows.
Go to our buy page
Purchase the series
Take the credits and BOOK YOURSELF into 1 class a week for the entire series.
Go to your class schedule and VERIFY you are in the classes you chose!
Once the series begins you will have the ability to CHANGE your class day or time!

1. Define Threshold (LT)


Lactate, your body's buffering agent, neutralizes the acid that builds up in your legs and makes them burn during heavy exertion. The harder you turn the cranks, the faster acid accumulates. Eventually, your muscles generate more acid than you can neutralize and your searing muscles force you to ease up. The point at which you begin to accumulate acid more quickly than you can dissipate it is your LT, or, in riding terms, the fastest pace you can maintain for 30 minutes without feeling like your legs are on fire



2. Once we set threshold, how does WTS1/2 make me better? We build the program so that we engage all of your bodies cycling energy systems. WE teach your body how to adapt at threshold and above. This in turns helps you Recover quicker and well..suffer at Lactate easier. Your LT number will go up during the series…AND your ability to tolerate less rest and more intensity rises.


3. As I look at the screen, what should I focus on?

  • Firstly your RPM. 90-95 is optimal. Cadence.
  • Watts per kilogram. Watts per kilogram, under intervals that are at 100% of Lactate Threshold over 5 minutes, tells a cyclist pure abilty. Pro men? 6.5 watts per kilo/ Women 5.8 Watts per kilo.
  • Speed and Distance are irrelevant. Why? Because it’s all about what gear you are in. But the gear matters not because all the workouts are percentage based. So, regardless if you shift gears OR what gear you are in…you will always get a resistance that is a percentage of your LT.


4. You talk about rpms, but I have a slow natural cadence. Why do I need to spin at 90-93 rpm? In one word, efficiency,you want to train your body to be able to produce the most amount of power with the least amount of work. That’s usually right around 90-95 rmp.


5. Why can't I spin at 100+ rpm? What difference does that make? Typically you will “outrun” the computrainer and the pressure on your rear wheel will relax a bit. Best way to cheat when you are suffering.


6. You tell me that I have a dead spot in my pedal stroke and it looks like I run on the bike. How do I correct that? Is there an exercise or a program that I can use to test how smoothly I pedal? We suggest that AFTER each one of your intervals take a left OR right foot out and hang it on the back of the computrainer. Pedal. Do you feel a clunking noise? You have a dead spot. BEST way to eliminate this issue is to envision you have mud on your shoes.  Practice. Practice


7. You talk about the workout being a certain percentage of threshold on average. What does that mean? How can various and completely different workouts yield the same percentage threshold? Why do you do that? Without getting to technical. But our workouts are based on Intensity Factor. That’s a power based measurement of the PERCENTAGE of your LT power. So, each week we build each workout slightly harder. To you? All our workouts are hard. But we will let you know what % you worked that week!


8. What was the range of the WTS1 percentage threshold? 79-82.5 % of your LT!


 9. What will the range be this WTS2? Depends. But we are shooting for .83-.87. OUCH!


10. How will I know when I should increase my threshold and train at that different level? We have coaches to help you. But typically the group you are training with will be a clear indication. If you aren’t working as hard as everyone then you’re likely a bit low. HOWEVER, some workouts you will rock. Some will ROCK you. Be prepared for both.


11. If I fail during a workout should I lower my number or keep going. That will be workout dependent. The key. COME IN FRESH!!! We may decide to lower your number to get you through it. Or, have you slog thru it. If you aren’t fresh we will likely have you punt and lower your LT number.


12. I feel tired today, may I please adjust the threshold? COME IN FRESH and that will not be an issue!! Try it. IF you just can’t a coach will lower your number for you.


13. I'm discouraged, I don't seem to be getting better?? YOU WILL> Guaranteed. Just be patient. Most people see results after 5 weeks. 


 How do I get started in your cycling classes?

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Sign up to create an account.

Buy Cycling credits, or a membership. Choose from a range of packages to fit your needs.
• Reserve a class at a time and studio that works for you.


Do I train on MY OWN BIKE?

Absolutely. WE believe that the best results come from specificity. What's the best training? The TRAINING that utilizes your own bike!


How do I sign up for a class?

Jump to our “Schedule tab”. From there, just click on any available spot. If a class is full, you can put yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens up in that class, you'll be placed into the class and notified via email or phone.


When can I sign up for classes?

Anytime!!! (However the Winter Training Series classes are all booked in advance)We encourage you to sign up for your favorite classes as soon as possible as many classes fill up quickly.


How far in advance do I have to cancel a class to avoid penalty?

You must cancel a class by 5:00pm the day before your scheduled class in order to avoid penalty. If you cancel after 5:00pm, you will forfeit one credit or, if you hold a monthly membership, you will be charged $20. The only way to cancel a class is under My Account on the TotalCyclist App or online or call the office.


What happens if I fail to show up for a class I've reserved?

If you fail to show up for a class you're signed up for, you will forfeit the credit used to reserve the class.


What can my 5 and 10 Pack Cycling Class credits be used for?
  • Real Course Video
  • Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Sufferfest
  • Climbing class
  • Holiday Special Classes
  • Rainy Day/Bad Weather Classes
  • YOU CAN NOT USE these Credits for Winter Training Series.
What’s the  Triathlon, Climbing, Spring, Fall and Summer, Sufferfest versus winter training?

Cycling classes are ad hoc classes that usually involve some interval based training program. They may include some riding on tour de france courses, rainy day classes and special holiday classes. These also include spring, summer, fall, triathlon, climbing. You can use a 10 pack or 5 pack and unlimited yearly for these classes.


Sufferfest and Real Course video are similar to the cycling classes, however they are interactive with video. These are the ACTUAL real courses of your favorite Ironman. Think interactive fun!! You can use a 10 pack or 5 pack and unlimited monthly for these classes.


Winter Training Series. These are our most popular and most “in demand” classes". These classes are highly attended, full on coaching experience with a progressive in nature methodology. We build each weeks workouts based on the response of each weeks workouts. We then build the following weeks workouts a bit harder. We have seen gains of 10-20% power during our Winter Training Series part 1 and 2! 


I’m a newbie.. is this program for me?

Absolutely!!!! We have had the most success with our newbie cyclists and triathletes. The first time you come in it may be a bit intimidating but our staff and other clients will put your mind at ease!!! Come have fun and GetFast. Not sure? Call us! 704-376-7006.


I'm a runner, triathlete, multisport athlete, car/motorcycie racer.  Do you have something for me?

ABSOLUTELY! We offer running coaching/consultations. Triathlon Bricks. (Computrainer indoor session, followed by a outdoor run) We have lots of motorsports athletes using our Training Centers to get FASTER in their sport!

How will I know if I have gotten into a class off a wait list?

As soon as a bike or mat has opened up for you, the system will notify you by email. Remember, when you put yourself on a waitlist, the system uses one of your credits to hold your place. If you have made other plans and do not plan to attend class, please remove yourself from the wait list to avoid penalty. You may remove yourself under My Account on our website.


RearSkewerWhat happens when I get to the Training Center?
  • Your road, triathlon or mountain bike (a smooth rear tire or trainer tire is required for any bike)
  • Prepare for any ride you would do outside..sans the helmet of course..or not :).
  • LAYER! Wear something warm to start, the PainCave starts cold but heats up. Prepare to shed the layers as you get into the workout!
  • Cycling shoes
  • Towel (extra towel if you plan to shower at our Touchstone location)
  • Waterbottle. Drink up!!!
  • Your personal HR monitor
  • A trainer-friendly rear skewer (proper metal skewer).  NOTE:  For your safety we only allow use of proper training skewers. The one to the right is...just..right! We sell them at each location. 
Where do I park? 
  • Flagship/Touchstone Park in the Inside out sports parking or park on the main street.  Then come inside the front door. Our staff will walk outside to grab your bike. 
  • All other locations: Walk in the front door and say HELLO! Our staff will greet you. 
How often do I need to take classes to see results?

Ahh..the MAGIC question. Most of our clients start seeing results after 3-5 classes!


Do my credits expire?

Yes and no. Winter Training Series credits expire at the end of the training series. 5pack and 10pack purchases do NOT expire.


Can I give some of my credits to a friend?

Heck yeah! If they are friends of yours they are friends of ours. You simply need to log in to your account and “set up a relationship” with the friend. If they are new to us you will have to set up an account for them. Call us if you have trouble!


 Do you offer coaching? One on one sessions?

Absolutely! WE offer all types of coaching. Select the Coaching tab for more details. We coach locally and distance with the best coaches in the country! We also offer one on one sessions indoors and out. If you are new to cycling we can help you get comfortable on the bike. Pro/Elite? YES! We have coached all levels of Pros. 


Do you have any referrals or testimonials?


Oh you bet! We will be happy to provide you with a laundry list of referrals or go to our testimonial page