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Powered by Jimmie Johnson Foundation

TotalCyclist MTB team powered by the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. What does that mean, powered by Jimmie Johnson Foundation ? In essence we are advocates, partners and ambassadors for the foundation. The Jimmie Johnson Foundation (JJF) focuses on providing funding for K-12 public education. To date the Jimmie Johnson Foundation has contributed more than $7.7 million to various organizations. This ties directly to one of the core principals of our team: Teaching. Everyone on the team has benefited from the generosity of others who were willing to share time and information; we are committed to exactly the same. We strive to share our expertise and experience (good and bad!) to anyone who seeks it. Additionally we all actively support local skills clinics and strive to assist anyone new to the sport as well as encourage children to take up cycling. As part of our efforts to assist JJF, a substantial portion of all sponsorship funds raised by the team are contributed to the Foundation.

As an athlete Jimmie has seen the benefits in the race car of performing endurance sports and cycling off the track. Only seems natural he would encourage others to do the same, which led to the creation of the JJF Wellness Challenge. In its current format the challenge consists of three events: 5k run, and two sprint triathlons with the proceeds from the events going to further benefit public schools. More local races, supporting local schools add in a dose of competition and a healthy purse! Everyone wins! With the 5k completed, we are rapidly coming up on the second event- Jimmie Johnson Foundation Cane Creek Sprint Triathlon on Aug. 11th, 2015. Just five days away! Before you starting thinking of reasons not to enter......No excuses! There is a spot for everyone! You can register to race here. If your not quite up to doing the whole race there is a relay class. Or if it's a recovery week, sign up to volunteer ! Don't live in the area? Jimmie will send a jet to pick you up!!  (Not true... but he might with the right donation.)  All kidding aside, if you can't get to the event you can always donate directly to the foundation or buy some gear to support JJF. If you really can't make it and none of that was enough to entice you..... this is my final offer.... buy a raffle ticket to win JJ's Chevy! (Unlike the jet transportation this is true) Only 4848 tickets available! Great odds! And if you win... they will pay the taxes! How sweet is that? I read most of the fine print (okay skimmed) and surprisingly employees of the other Home Improvement company are eligible. (Really should address that next time) Unfortunately it is limited to residents of the USA. So to all my Canadian relatives, you are out of luck.....or buy a ticket in my name and we will work something out. I promise! See you at the race!


USA Cycling MTB Marathon Nationals

A few members of the team headed to Columbus County GA for the 2015 USA Cycling MTB Marathon National Championships. The course was 60 miles and ~2600' of climbing in the Wildwood Park trail system near Augusta GA. Below are some results for the team along with some action and podium shots from Mike Tam who was 4th in XC Men 30-34 and Laura Maddy who was 3rd in XC Women 45-49! Great job team and thank you to all our sponsors and your support! See you at the trails soon!

Bonnie Kleffman - 8th XC Women Pro
Laura Maddy - 3rd XC Women 45-49
Mike Tam - 4th XC Men 30-34
Terry Slifer - 7th XC Men 45-49
Michael Shafer - 10th XC Men 45-49
Jim Heckman - 14th XC Men 45-49



Schafer 2
Nationals full size


FatTire 40 and New Friends in the Desert

A weekend work trip with the mountain bike in tow turns to a last minute decision to race the FatTire 40 miler in AZ. A nice flight into Goodyear, AZ on Thursday evening ended with an awesome group night ride around the hills of Goodyear with 21 riders lit up like a string of white Christmas lights. Yes 21 riders with lights, it was so cool! Also, it was nice to meet some really awesome local riders who showed us some sweet singletrack and a nice western diamondback rattler. During the ride I heard a fella mention his buddy was taking it easy on the hills because he was racing Saturday…hmmm…. “A race” I say to myself. After the ride I get the details on the “FatTire 40” in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains in Fountain Hills, AZ.


Friday starts with a drive up to McDowell and some race course recon. First impression is that it’s like riding on marbles. Tiny loose gravel covers every turn and lots of flat, windy singletrack mixed with steep rocky climbs and bombing downhills. The 2.0 ThunderBurt on the rear left over from winter short track is certainly a poor choice but the decision is made to register and give it a go on Saturday. With temps in the mid 70’s and sunshine forecast, what could be better?


Saturday comes and after the standard prerace breakfast of oatmeal with PB and honey I scramble to get to the line early, with 70 plus racers in my class I’m thinking a front row spot is a must.


8:20 a.m. arrives and the race goes off right on time. After a 300-yard sprint up the gravel road to the singletrack I enter in second place. Feeling good at this point it’s time to settle in and click some miles off. It’s only a matter of minutes before the leader is getting away on the flat singletrack and I feel the guys behind me trying to pass. Get passed on the flat singletrack? Never, I tell myself, so I try to pick up the pace only to overshoot a couple of corners and end up making my own lines thru the desert and saguaro. I lose a few spots with the off trail excursions and hoping I haven’t punctured a tire I end up sliding back to around 10th place, barely able to keep the lead group in sight. It’s obvious I’m struggling on the flats so I hang on a few more miles until we reach the fire road that leads us up to backside of the mountain. I give it all on the road to catch back up to the second group and settle back in around 7th place with the top 3 still in occasionally in view. Back in the singletrack, I’m hanging on again trying not to lose spots, overshoot another corner with an exit over the bars, break the Garmin mount and luckily I see my Garmin on the ground with half of the barfly still attached. I throw it in my jersey and with a quick bike check I’m on my way. Trying to count the riders that passed I guess I’m in about 13th place. Now I find myself in that place where the lead group has gone and no one is in sight behind, let the mind games begin. I try to push the pace but feel like I’m going nowhere and it starts to feel more like a solo cruise than a race. I feel the top 10 I was hoping for slipping away. I know the course is 40 miles with 3100’ + ascent but with my Garmin in my jersey I have no idea how long I’ve been riding or what is left elevation wise. Finally the course turns upward and after a couple 100% efforts I start seeing some riders scattered in the distance. They get closer with every climb and finally I have a carrot. One by one I recognize the jerseys I had become so familiar with on the fire road. I see these guys who were so much faster on the flats really working hard on the hills and I try and make a point as I pass with a 110% effort to get a gap each time, and it works to get solidly in the top 10. Course flattens out again and here they come, damn, how can they be so fast on the flats I ask myself. I get passed by 1 guy and see a couple more a few yards back. With around 5 miles to go based on the signs, the course turns up again. I’m feeling good attacking the hills and building a gap behind me. I catch a familiar jersey up the last singletrack hill leading to the gravel road climb back to the finish. I sit in and wait to make a move hoping I’ve saved more than him. 50 yards to the line I go and end up a few seconds ahead and finish 8th. It was a hard ride mentally and I’m happy with the results. Time to head back to Goodyear and meet some locals for another group ride. After 10 miles at the FINS trails we end up at an awesome pump track in town. Some hot laps around the track and the day is done. I’m smoked but wouldn’t change a thing except maybe my back tire!!

Kelly Hudson



TotalCyclist MTB Team Finishes Strong Overall at Winter Short Track

The TC MTB team finished up the series this past weekend with some excellent overall results for the series. The team ended up in second place for the team competition, and the top podium spots in the Elite Men's and Women's categories belonged to our TC athletes. Congratulations to Chris Wieczorek and Bonnie Kleffman, who were awarded the top honors. In the Sport Men's 40+ category, Kelly Hudson and Terry Slifer held the 2nd and 3rd place podium positions for the overall series. Their field was consistently stacked, and these guys were excellent competitors, often working together to secure their places. Chad Andrews placed 9th overall in the same category. Congratulations to all teammates who raced in the series! The points were close, we raced hard, and had a whole lot of fun racing and riding with friends!