Race Results for 2/21/15 - 2/22/15

Wow each week gets even cooler to see all our athletes dominating their respective races and fields. 

Fork Shoals Road Race:

Pro 1/2:

Thad Dulin 1st
Matt Moosa 2nd
Tim McCullom 12th

Cat 3:

John Croom 6th

Masters 40+:

Tommy Jones 9th
Matt Botting 15th

Women Pro/1/2/3/4

Sarah Matchett 8th

Donaldson Center Road Race:

Pro 1/2:

Matt Moosa 6th
Thad Dulin 12th
Christy Keely 15th 
Tim McCullom 18th

Valley of the Sun Pro/1:


Jake Arnold 22nd 


Jake Arnold 55th


Jake Arnold 57th


Jake Arnold's team 1st

Winter Short Track Series:

Beginner Women:

Christy Kunkle 2nd

Expert Women:

Ann Groninger 1st
Rebecca Bubp 5th 

Beginner Men 40+:

Phillip Craver 3rd
Jonathan Meek 6th


Ryan Kelley 1st 
Jon Naylor 4th

Sport men 34 and under:

Brenden Forbis 2nd
Mike Tam 4th
Brian Bradley 5th

Masters 50+:

Dave Williams 4th
Patrick Mcfeely 5th

Expert Men:

Chris Wieczorek 9th

Super Sport Men:

Terry Slifer 3rd
Mike Byrd 6th

This was the last of the Winter Short Track Series with Terry Slifer sealing 1st of the over-all for Super Sport Men, Ryan Kelley sealing 1st for Clydesdale as well as our Total Cyclist MTB Team p/b Jimmie Johnson Foundation Sealing the over all best team. 

Please Review our TotalCyclist Mountain Bike Teams results of 6 hours of Santos  by clicking here!


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