Anything is possible at TotalCyclist...


Over the past two years Marty has dedicated himself to the professionals at TotalCyclist. First with a few cycling classes then with Coaching from Chad Andrews for cycling and Susan Airheart triathlete focused training. Now Marty is topping off his training with Ritter Sports Performance strength training. His transformation has been amazing and moving to us here at TotalCyclist. Marty has lost nearly 50 pounds, went from 34% body fat to a slimming 14% also a waist line from 38 to 32. His half Ironman time has dropped by 2 hours, YES 2 HOURS! THATS HUGE! Also, TotalCyclist has helped prepare and completed his first full Ironman. These accomplishments are only the beginning for Marty, we only look forward to see Marty continue to shed the weight and only become stronger and stronger. Sky is the limit here at TotalCyclist!

"There is no other indoor cycling workout quite like TC. TC is not just for cold or bad weather workouts. The TC program has been essential to my entire year training program. I am excited about the upcoming 2015 season an am shooting for an age group podium spot. TotalCyclist has been the best investment in my Health, Fitness and racing performance. Thank you for helping transform me from a recreational athlete into one that can compete."

-Marty Rosenberg