Get the right Grip!

When it comes to riding your bike you only have 3 contact points, your hands, feet and rear. So on your bike your hands take a lot of the vibration and shock that comes from trail riding. Anyone who's been on a bike for longer periods of time knows how important it is to have the right grips on your ride! ESI carries a great variety of grips from their Regular, Chunky and even Extra Chunky diameters! I personally picked the Chunky line of grips for my bike as they seem to match up perfect for my hand size and decided to give them a try on my new bar setup! The grips are designed so that they are thicker on one side compared to the other when installing make sure that sits in your palm nicely for added comfort. These grips are designed to slide on your bars so I used a little window cleaner on mine to help with the installation. Pretty simple and once you get them on you can rotate to get the thicker side to sit nicely in your palms and your ready to roll! Here is a look at my new setup with the Chunky grips on my new bars. I have had a chance to try these now for a few long training rides and man are they nice! Gives you total confidence on the bike and hands don't feel tired or beat up after! Thanks ESI!!


Here's a look at some of the other team guys rides sporting their ESI grips which also come in a variety of colors as well!!




The TotalCyclist MTB team is proud to have the great support of ESI Grips.


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October 10, 2018
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