Why is rest important?

When you train hard, a good food for thought would be to REST HARDER! The reason for this is recovery is pivotal to your training no matter if your a pro, recreational or your basic weekend warrior. Riding, Running or even swimming a 1000 plus miles or training at 100% daily can be pointless we it can risk the causes of injury or burning out leaving you tired for the next days work out which won't be able to be completed at optimal performance because your injured or overworked. Recovering doesn't always have to be a day "off" per say but definitely a lighter work out ex. 1 hour bike ride no harder than 50% of your FTP. Every week should have at least one day where you're riding, running or swimming easy (active recovery) and about every 3-4 weeks I would recommend taking a complete week of active recovery. 

Ways to stay on top of recovery:

The majority of us have day jobs so that leaves us waking up at 5:30-6 am and going into work and then getting off by 6 pm. Which puts us in a tight spot for finding time to get that whole 8 hours of sleep required at night. An easy way to try and focus on sleep would be to be in bed by 10pm. Some of you may be reading this like, "What? 10pm...When should I eat?" Try pre make meals the Sunday night prior before the week starts. 

Get a massage! This can be both healing to the body and mind. This will help break the lactic from a hard training block and get the knotted muscles lose and read to go for your next event. This is good for the mind because this is where you sit relax and let the healing begin!

Protein Shake! Get your favorite recovery drink after your rides and efforts to help replace what is lost and get in some active recovery!

These are just some ways you can stay on top of your recovery!


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March 1, 2018
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January 19, 2015
Well said! Alot of what is going on in your body is "behind the scenes," and you do not feel it. If you are going hard all of the time, cortisol (stress hormone) will be chronically high (BAD) and you will be setting yourself up for illness and injury. You body is weaker after your workout and does not get stronger until you recover.