Chutzpa, race face, balance.

1- Cycling is a great sport. Awesome sport. But, many times newer cyclists get hooked. When they get hooked they ride all the TIME! They haven't had the experience to know when to much is to much. So, rely on friends and mentors to advise you on your saddle time! aka bike time. 

2- Get a bike fit. Do not trust anyone that tells you "cycling is supposed to hurt". Yes cycling does hurt when you are doing intervals or climbing a nasty hill..but never should your "parts" or anything else hurt for extended periods of time. 

3- Wave: It's ok to wave at other cyclists. It's called "race face"... where another cyclist by you in the other direction, or even in the same direction, and doesn't acknowledge you. Cycling is inherently enjoyable. Make it more fun by making more friends. You don't want to be "THAT" guy or girl. 

4- Should I race or not race? That my friends is a complicated mess. If you are looking to make money off of the sport, sell your bike. There's a old joke that many have heard. "What's a Cat 1 cyclist that just broke up with their significant other?...Homeless". So, ride for the fun. Then if you feel you have the Chutzpa, go for a club ride that's fast. If you stack up there...go back to tip 1. 

5- Don't let cycling become your life. I have seen many families effected by the dominance cycling has in ones life. It's like Kudzu. You don't really notice it, or see it... until its engulfed your hours and neighbors. Don't let cycling become Kudzu. Have balance. You should look at your bike before a ride and get excited. If you don't ....there's a sign!


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October 20, 2018
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