It takes a TEAM!

Cancer. Sucks. Period. It takes a team to crush this dreaded disease. 


We all have people we are close to that have been beaten by this dreaded disease. There are victors in the race against this disease. It's going to take a team to fight it. 


TotalCyclist, the company, has a coach that is in stage 4 of her fight against cancer. Jackie Crowell is both brave and fierce. I mean, she raced her bike a few weeks ago and still coaches with passion and vigor TotalCyclist athletes. 


TotalCyclist athlete/DivaCamp coach Terry Slifer recently lost his mother to cancer. 


The TotalCyclist family is very close to the charitable organization 24 Hours of Booty. The stories INSIDE the story of 24 HOB are magical, mesmerizing, thought provoking, sad, engaging and POWERFUL. Next week the 24 HOB cyclists are back on the streets of Charlotte, NC in hopes to put together a team of thousands to fight cancer. 


Most people know that I am a big NC State fan. Driving into the office, listening to ESPN, the speech by Jim Valvano was playing. That speech in 1993 moved me deeply. Today it moved me to donate and write this blog. 


I could go on and on about how many families and friends that have been pierced by cancer. 


Let's put a team together to fight cancer. 


You can donate!


The TotalCyclist/Jimmie Johnson Foundation MTB team has a Booty Page HERE


The Jimmie V Foundation HERE