The HEAT is on: Training in hot weather.

I was reminded about hot weather riding yesterday. I decided to hit the woods around 230pm. The conditions were pretty stale. Temperature was around 95 degrees and the dew point in the low 70's. For you non weather nerds that's stifling. There was NO air movement either. 

I decided I would push it a little bit after a 15 minute warmup..and then that's when the coaching mindset kicked in. Heart rate suppression. I just didn't have the punch. Core temperature elevated and that essentially shut down my ability to "rip it". 

The best want prepare or offset this phenomenon is acclimatizing:

  • The only way to acclimatize is to ride in the heat. 
  • You can adapt fairly quickly….usually in about 10 days of training. if you give it 2 weeks you usually are in the sweet spot of acclimatization. 
  • If you have a key event start 3 weeks out. 
  • Start earlier in the day and work your way towards the hottest part. 
  • Learn from my mistake and do your harder efforts indoors and your longer rides outside. It's very difficult to do intervals in blistering heat!

Keep Cool and enjoy the ride!





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