Steph Saullo

Performance Dietitian

Steph was raised in Western New York and has always had a passion for nutrition and playing sports. Growing up she participated in multiple sports from dancing and gymnastics to swimming and softball. She continues to be active and enjoys boxing, lifting weights, hiking, running, and riding her bike. Steph taught sports nutrition at George Washington University for the previous four years. Steph believes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition or optimizing performance and that proper nutrition should be a habit, not a fad. Steph also believes that while quality nutrition is a basis for health, there is also room for cookies (or insert favorite food here). She empowers people to learn how to make the best nutrition-based choices for themselves and their goals. Steph’s professional and academic credentials include a master’s degree in food and nutrition, Registered Dietitian, and licensed in the state of North Carolina.
email: Steph@ritterspDOTcom

Steph Saullo is currently not instructing any classes.