Helene Barrette

Hélène (who goes by “Helen”) is a huge cycling fan, who began as an armchair cyclist watching the Tour De France, then became “someone who rides a bike”, and finally joined the ranks of “cyclists” a couple of years ago.

A consummate world traveler, Helen loves many sports, including downhill skiing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and of course, cycling. But until she attended TotalCyclist’s DivaCamp in 2011, she had never thought of herself as an athlete. In the last 3 years, Helen has adopted a healthy, athletic lifestyle: training, setting goals, eating well, resting well, and enjoying participating in a number of cycling events and other sports endeavours.

Helen is very excited to join the TotalCyclist team to continue building on the success of DivaCamp. We believe in making road cycling (and other cycling disciplines) more accessible to women, and in offering women the chance to enhance their skills and get some good miles in their legs, in a nurturing, non-intimidating environment. DivaCamp (spring and fall) is THE place to be!

Following her repeat participation at DivaCamps over the years, Helen has gone from solo local rides, to joining a cycling club, and riding her bike over some of the most famous climbs of the Dolomites and the Alps. She is eager to share her experience with other women, and to help increase the number of women who ride bikes. Because women who ride, do amazing things!

See you on the bike!

Helene Barrette is currently not instructing any classes.