John Croom

TotalCyclist Intern – Spring Semester 2015
John Croom is an undergraduate student at Mars Hill University, studying Recreation Sports Management with a minor in Business. He has been a cyclist and racing for 3 years. He got into the sport when someone made the comment that "You would always be too 'BIG' for the sport..." John set out to prove them wrong. Coming from a football and wrestling back ground, he weighed in at 300 lbs.  Since he started cycling he has slimmed down to 225 lbs and is trying to get even leaner. He made many leaps and quick progress in the sport with several top 10's at National events. He believes with hard work and determination anything can be achieved no matter how big or small you are!

Some highlights of John's cycling career:

6th in the 1k time trial at USA Collegiate Track Nationals
9th in the Sprint Tournament at USA Collegiate Track Nationals
8th in the Miss-N-Out at USA Elite Track National Championships

John Croom is currently not instructing any classes.