Terry Slifer

Associate Coach | Midtown

Terry Slifer is a Cat3 road racer and a Cat 2 Mtn Bike racer.
Terry grew up traveling the world.
  • His father was a CIA Officer and Mother was a photojournalist. “I grew up mostly in third world countries in S.E. Asia, bikes were omnipresent and usually the main mode of transportation. Bicycles where the one common thread that held the chaos of my childhood together. Bikes where like a universal passport that could gain you entry and acceptance, regardless of the country I was dropped in, I could get on my bike and fit in”.
  • An experienced and well-rounded athlete: Terry is an accomplished runner, skier and surfer; he has through hiked the Appalachian Trail (North Bound), and was a three-year letterman in lacrosse at Hobart College. Terry ran competitively for many years and transitioned into triathlon until shoulder injuries and surgery turned his focus to the bike. Terry began road racing in 2011 and has seen numerous podiums and wins since. Terry draws from all of these experiences to help provide a holistic approach to training, nutrition, total fitness and life.

Terry Slifer instructs the following:
  • Winter Training Series 1
    We know you aren't thinking about 2019, but WE are! Take your break til the end of October and then Join US for the most popular cycling program in the Country!!!!
    We are now rolling into our 12th year of the Winter Training Series. It has often been imitated, but never duplicated! The series is designed to periodize your training whether you are a beginner cyclist or a seasoned Professional. The first series last for 8 weeks, beginning in November, and 10 weeks for the second series, beginning in January. The first series is designed to provide you with the perfect balance of fitness, improved bio-mechanics, pacing, interval based training all under the advisement of a USA Cycling Coach from the Premier Coaching business, TotalCyclist

    How Do We Do It?
    Winter Training Series 1 & 2 use state of the art CompuTrainers, in a group session. We have developed an amazing training program that will yield incredible results as you go into the next cycling season. Over the years we have, on average, improved power (what it takes to pedal the bike forward) by 18% for our athletes. Those are numbers that are hard to ignore!  Each class is high energy, with pumping music and a ton of fun...plus we WILL make you faster!