Terry Slifer

Associate Coach | Midtown

Terry Slifer is a Cat3 road racer and a Cat 2 Mtn Bike racer.
Terry grew up traveling the world.
  • His father was a CIA Officer and Mother was a photojournalist. “I grew up mostly in third world countries in S.E. Asia, bikes were omnipresent and usually the main mode of transportation. Bicycles where the one common thread that held the chaos of my childhood together. Bikes where like a universal passport that could gain you entry and acceptance, regardless of the country I was dropped in, I could get on my bike and fit in”.
  • An experienced and well-rounded athlete: Terry is an accomplished runner, skier and surfer; he has through hiked the Appalachian Trail (North Bound), and was a three-year letterman in lacrosse at Hobart College. Terry ran competitively for many years and transitioned into triathlon until shoulder injuries and surgery turned his focus to the bike. Terry began road racing in 2011 and has seen numerous podiums and wins since. Terry draws from all of these experiences to help provide a holistic approach to training, nutrition, total fitness and life.

Terry Slifer instructs the following:
  • Climbing/Time Trial Series (computrainer)
  • Do you want to climb better? simulate some real climbing? Real courses that feature lots of climbing to build your low end power needed to ride fast in the mountains

  • Fall Training Series
  • This is a "do it all class"! Open spot? Jump in. All fun all the time...and a solid workout for all types of athletes.
    Please have a rear skewer that looks like the one below or you can PURCHASE one from us!