Pat McFeeley

Co-Owner | Trainer Southpark and Midtown

Pat has been active and a competitive athlete all of his life. Growing up on an island, surfing and skateboarding were among his early activities. Through his twenties he was a competitive runner and now counts cycling and skiing are among his favorite activities.

  • He has been active in several businesses throughout his career, most recently as a manufacturer’s rep in the semiconductor industry. As a partner in TotalCyclist he is active in creating ways to bring TotalCyclist to more athletes.

Pat graduated from James Madison University in 1987 and attended the Villanova University in the MBA program.

When his twin 17 year old daughters were diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 1 ½ and 2 ½ years of age his priorities quickly moved to helping JDRF. As a member of the Charlotte board of directors and then the JDRF International Board, Pat has participated on a chaired various committees. Currently Pat is the Coach for the JDRF Ride to Cure diabetes.

Pat McFeeley is currently not instructing any classes.